Monday, October 13, 2014

NatureWatch NZ is going global with

This week NatureWatch NZ is merging under the hood with iNaturalist, so that we can combine all of the global power of iNaturalist with the home grown NatureWatch NZ online community.

You can read all about it at

And, you may have noticed that we've been paying vastly more attention to NatureWatch NZ and our Facebook page than this blog. That will all change soon enough.


  1. One of the things I used to like about naturewatch, is that it was relevant to nz. I could go there and see that prickly pear cactus had been observed, and where. Now I go to a page and see that someone observed it somewhere in the united states or something. Is it possible to turn off all the spam about other countries and see the content that's relevant to a new zealander?

  2. Thanks Richard.

    I'm in the process of moving this whole blog over to Wordpress with a spring clean and a lot more content for 2015.

    I've posted a fuller reply to your commment on the new blog at since I'll be turning this blogger site into a redirect in the next day or two.

    The short answer is no, there's no master switch to keep it only NZ. But the default is to display NZ-only for just about everything (observations, people, places, guides, species search results). If you find global bits that bug you, please let us know and we'll certainly consider ironing them out. We want the integration into iNaturalist to enhance the local flavour of NatureWatch NZ, not detract from it. If we don't achieve that, we'll need to consider forking the code and running an independent site again.

    My own opinion is that so far the benefits have well outweighed the costs. But I certainly appreciate your note, and we can certainly investigate making the observation stream on taxon pages display only NZ observations.



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